Property and Evidence


The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office property and evidence unit is responsible for all property that our staff take in as part of their day to day duties.  The items handled by the property and evidence unit consist of items of evidence, lost and found items, and items for safe keeping. The primary responsibilities of the property and evidence unit include:
  • Keeping evidentiary items in as close a condition to its original condition as possible.  
  • Preventing the inadvertent loss of evidence. 
  • Preventing contamination of evidence. 
  • Preventing contamination of persons who come in contact with the evidence.  
  • Preserving the integrity of a piece of evidence for court presentation.
In order to retrieve personal possessions from our evidence room, you will need to contact 701-842-6010 and ask to speak to an Evidence Technician.


ROAD CONDITIONS*** All major highways in McKenzie County are icy following the snow storm yesterday. Be sure to stay updated using the North Dakota Department of Transportation website, link below. Use extreme…

ROAD CLOSURE*** County Road 15 will be closed between Highway 68 to 20th St NW from 9:00 am CST to 5:00 PM CST for culvert replacement on 10/10/2019. Please use alternative routes during this time frame.


**Repost from ********** LOOKING FOR INFORMATION********** The North Dakota Highway Patrol is looking for this dark colored dually pickup shown in these pictures. It is believed the driver of…

The McKenzie County Impound Auction is fat approaching. Information for the items up for auction can be seen below. Reminder: you must have a valid drivers license or ID to get into the auction. Auction is CASH…

It’s the first Wednesday of the month. Reminder that the sirens will be sounding at 1pm.
Photo of the Week: Safety award
On duty officers first heard shots at 1:05 a.m. as they patrolled what is normally a safe and lively part of Dayton just before local bars shut down. Within approximately 20 seconds, six officers were running toward the hail of bullets.
2019 marked the first annual Law Enforcement vs. Fire Department Softball Game. E&M Services LLC also provided both teams with some pretty sweet shirts. Thank you for everyone that came out and donated to Deputy…
All gravel and county roads are slick. Please drive with caution.

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