Chief Deputy Mike Ficken

The Chief Deputy is second in command and oversees all divisions within the Sheriff's Office.  The Chief Deputy manages daily operations, policy development and implementation, property and evidence and the overall budget. 

Administrative Division

Lieutenant Dustin Newman

The Administrative Division is under the command of Lieutenant Dustin Newman and is responsible for all civil services, fingerprinting, courtroom security, vehicle impound services and much more.

Patrol Division

Lieutenant Max Matthews-Kasner

The Patrol Division is the largest division in the Sheriff Office and under the command of Lieutenant Max Matthews-Kasner.  This division provides an array of services to our citizens including responding to calls for service, investigating traffic crashes, enforcing state law and crime prevention.

Investigations Division

Lieutenant Edward Martinez II 

The Investigations Division investigates criminal activity that occurs and is under the command of Lieutenant Edward Martinez II.   The majority of cases that are investigated are those that are reported to the agency through the patrol division and referred to investigators for further follow up. 

Communications Center

Communications Coordinator -Kadie Chavez 

The Communications Division is under command of Kadie Chavez and handles all calls coming into the Sheriff's Office, 24 hours a day.  Communicatons provides the public with timely and effective emergency and non-emergency public safety communication services.  Currently, State Radio in Bismarck, ND handles all 911 calls that are placed in McKenzie County.

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