This page lists the most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) of the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office. The questions and answers have been compiled for your information and use. Some of the answers are general summaries and other issues may apply. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or comments you may have.


A state reportable crash is defined as a crash involving an injury, a fatality or at least $4,000 in property damage.  Crashes with undomesticated animals (i.e., wildlife) that do not involve injury or fatality are not reportable to the state regardless of the property damage amount.  

North Dakota Century Code reads as follows:

39-08-09. Immediate notice of accident - Penalty.

1.     The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to or death of any individual, or property damage to an apparent extent of at least four thousand dollars, shall immediately give notice of the accident to the local police department if the accident occurs within a municipality, otherwise to the office of the county sheriff or the state highway patrol. A driver who violates this section must be assessed a fine of fifty dollars. The name of the motor vehicle insurance policy carrier and the policy number of the driver, or if the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, then the motor vehicle insurance policy carrier and the policy number of the owner of the vehicle, must be furnished to the law enforcement officer investigating the accident. If the driver does not have the required information concerning insurance to furnish to the investigating law enforcement officer, then within five days of the accident the driver shall supply that information to the driver's license division in the form the division requires.

2.     The director may suspend the license or permit to drive and any nonresident operating privileges of any person failing to comply with the duties as provided in sections 39-08-06 through 39-08-09 until those duties have been fulfilled, and the director may extend the suspension not to exceed thirty days.

3.     The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident with an undomesticated animal resulting in property damage only to the driver's vehicle is exempt from the notice requirements of this section, regardless of the amount of damage to the driver's vehicle.

Reports for traffic crashes that are reportable* to the North Dakota Department of Transportation are  available  for purchase online.  For an official copy of a crash report, go to .

North Dakota Department of Transportation's fee for a crash report is $7.00.

* North Dakota Century Code 39-08-09 defines a reportable crash as a motor vehicle traffic crash which results in injury, fatality or at  least  $4,000 total in property damage.  Crashes involving undomesticated animals  where  there was no injury or fatality, regardless of the  property  damage amount, are not reportable.  

If you have more questions, please contact ND Department of Transportation on their website at  Contact Us .

Contact the Records Specialist at 444-7629. Reports can be emailed or mailed via postal service for $2 per page.

Conceal Carry
The Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) processes the applications and issues concealed weapon licenses.

Find out if you are ELIGIBLE and how to apply for, or RENEW, a ND concealed weapon license and which states have RECIPROCITY.

Applicant Inquiries

Please do not call with inquiries - the BCI is prohibited by law from providing information about the status of a concealed weapon license application to anyone, even the applicant. Instead, please follow the instructions for making a written status inquiry. 

Weapons Laws

You can review North Dakota's Weapons Laws in Title 62.1 of the North Dakota Century Code. 


Forms and Permits

Upper Missouri Health District or speak with Emergency Manager Karolin Jappe. See application.

Contact Patrol Administrative Assistant @ 444-7518

As of February 1st, 2019, the cost is $20.00 for 1 or 2 print cards.  The Sheriff's Office will accept cash or credit card payments. There is a convenience fee for credit card payments. A photo ID is required. 

Fingerprinting is available: Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

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