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Media Release - Sex Offender Compliance Check

Subject:  Media Release – Sex Offender Compliance Check

Date:  June 13th, 2019




The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office with assistance from the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the United States Marshal Service conducted a sex offender compliancy check in McKenzie County.  This compliancy check was conducted on the dates of June 11th and 12th, 2019.


During this compliancy check we checked all registered sex offenders that are living and/or working in McKenzie County.


During this compliancy check, 40 registered sex offenders were checked.  Of these 40 registered offenders, 37 registered offenders were determined to be compliant, 2 registered offenders were determined to be non-compliant and have warrants issued for their arrest and 1 other registered offender is being investigated for possibly being non-compliant.




Dustin Newman

Administrative Lieutenant

McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office


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All gravel and county roads are slick. Please drive with caution.

***Motor Vehicle Accident Update #2*** Hwy 23 is open to all lanes of traffic. We appreciate your patience. We would like to thank Keene Fire and First Responders, McKenzie County Ambulance, North Dakota Highway Patrol, and the two companies for all their assistance tonight!

***Motor Vehicle Accident Update*** 1 vehicle will be cleared from the roadway shortly to open up 1 lane of travel. The second wrecker is coming to the scene to move the second vehicle. We appreciate your patience.

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