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McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit

Officially licensed in 1992 by the National Crime Prevention Council, this twelve-page guidebook has helped millions of kids learn how to be safe on the streets and online over the past 20+ years!

HalloweenSafety.png McGruff Halloween Safety Kit for Kids

Eight pages of the latest in Halloween safety tips, along with fun games, puzzles,
recipes, costume ideas and more! this is the best all-around way to keep kids
safe on one of the year’s most exciting holidays.

KidsOnWheels.png Kids on Wheels Safety Kit from McGruff Safe Kids

Bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates and scooters mean fun and freedom to kids. This kit includes common sense tips to keep kids safe on the road, sidewalks, trails and skate parks.

InternetSafety.png Internet Safety Kit from McGruff Safe Kids

Eight pages of fun and interesting interactive guidance for parents and their children to learn together about safe and appropriate Internet use by kids. It includes advice on social networking sites, Internet predators, cyber-bullying and more.

StopBullying.png Stop Bullying: A Guide to Fighting Back

This colorful, interactive eight-page guide is designed to help parents and children learn how to prevent being victimized by bullying behavior, and if it occurs, to cope with bullying situations that may arise.

McGruff the Crime Dog®, Scruff®, and Take A Bite Out Of Crime® are registered trademarks of the National Crime Prevention Council, . McGruff SafePrint is a registered trademark. Boerner, Inc., is an official licensee of the National

Crime Prevention Council, Copyright © 2013 Boerner, Inc. All rights reserved. Plan.Prepare. Share. Is a registered trademark of Boerner, Inc. All rights reserved.


Road closed from Keene Corner to Highway 1806 East due to an accident. Traffic is being re-routed from Keene Corner to County Road 55 to Highway 1806 East and back to Highway 23. It is unknown how long the road will…

ASKING FOR PUBLIC ASSISTANCE*** The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help in locating this individual. Kyle Hill has been reported missing since 10/12/19. Please contact the McKenzie…

ROAD CONDITIONS*** All major highways in McKenzie County are icy following the snow storm yesterday. Be sure to stay updated using the North Dakota Department of Transportation website, link below. Use extreme…

ROAD CLOSURE*** County Road 15 will be closed between Highway 68 to 20th St NW from 9:00 am CST to 5:00 PM CST for culvert replacement on 10/10/2019. Please use alternative routes during this time frame.


**Repost from ********** LOOKING FOR INFORMATION********** The North Dakota Highway Patrol is looking for this dark colored dually pickup shown in these pictures. It is believed the driver of…

The McKenzie County Impound Auction is fat approaching. Information for the items up for auction can be seen below. Reminder: you must have a valid drivers license or ID to get into the auction. Auction is CASH…

It’s the first Wednesday of the month. Reminder that the sirens will be sounding at 1pm.
Photo of the Week: Safety award
On duty officers first heard shots at 1:05 a.m. as they patrolled what is normally a safe and lively part of Dayton just before local bars shut down. Within approximately 20 seconds, six officers were running toward the hail of bullets.

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