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SCAM Alert

The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of a phone call scam utilizing a phone number associated with the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office. The phone call comes from a 1-866 prefix and then calls back from a Sheriff’s Office phone number using a phishing application. 
Callers are demanding that individuals transfer money onto prepaid cards or they will arrest the individual if they do not comply.  This is a scam! 
The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office will not request money from you to prevent an arrest or a case from being investigated.  This is not only illegal, but also immoral and unethical. 
This is a friendly reminder to be cautious and know who you are transferring money, releasing banking information, providing social security numbers, or releasing other personal information to.
Should you receive a phone call of this nature, know it is a scam, document as much information about the call as you can and report the call to your local law enforcement agency. Please contact the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office at 701-842-6010 should if you have any information or questions.


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ROAD CLOSURE*** County Road 15 will be closed between Highway 68 to 20th St NW from 9:00 am CST to 5:00 PM CST for culvert replacement on 10/10/2019. Please use alternative routes during this time frame.


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It’s the first Wednesday of the month. Reminder that the sirens will be sounding at 1pm.
Photo of the Week: Safety award
On duty officers first heard shots at 1:05 a.m. as they patrolled what is normally a safe and lively part of Dayton just before local bars shut down. Within approximately 20 seconds, six officers were running toward the hail of bullets.

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